Gluten-Free Girl Every Day Author Shauna Ahern at Powell’s Books Tomorrow

gluten free girl everyday - shauna james ahern

File this under “ridiculously late notice”, but I only just saw it today, I swear! Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7th at 7:30PM, author Shauna James Ahern (a.k.a. Gluten Free Girl) will be at Powell’s Books W Burnside signing her book, Gluten-Free Girl Every Day. Here is Powell’s blurb from their events email.

An approachable gluten-free cookbook intended for home cooks making dinner for their families, Shauna Ahern’s Gluten-Free Girl Every Day (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) features food you want to cook every day: fresh, satisfying, and filled with great flavors.

Where: Powell’s City of Books on Burnside
When: 7:30 PM
Address: 1005 W. Burnside, Portland OR
Phone: (800) 878-7323

Gluten Free Event at Abby’s Table this Saturday

Hi everybody. I got a couple of notices about this coming event. Here is the blurb (edited for space and brevity). We would totally attend, but had a previous engagement. Here is a direct link to the event page.

From Cocktails to Dessert:

The Delicious Underground World of Root Vegetables & their Nutritional Value

Cooking Demonstration and Book Signing – Locally Sourced Ingredients. Naturally Gluten, Dairy and Soy Free.

Join us for a special evening to celebrate ROOTS cookbook. Come for a cooking demonstration of Radish Top Soup with Chef-Author Diane Morgan along with some health insight from Dr. Samantha Brody about eating beneficial root vegetables, and stay for a wonderful meal.

$75 Dinner fee includes a first print edition of ROOTS (get it signed!), as well as a delicious signature cocktail from the cookbook.


  • Beverage – Homemade Gingerale + Cherry Infused Bourbon
  • Amuse Bouche – Radish Top Soup
  • First Course – Crab Cakes OR Quinoa Cake with Pickled Ginger
  • Second Course – Carrot Ribbons with Carrot Top Pesto, Crumbled Goat Cheese
  • Main Course – Seared Duck Breast OR Portobello Mushrooms with Port Reduction
  • Served with – Parsnip Puree and Sautéed Beet Greens
  • Dessert – Red Velvet Cupcakes

Abby’s Table : Food Your Body Loves

Saturday September 29, 2012 from 6:30 PM to 9:15 PM PDT

Abby’s Table
609 SE Ankeny St
Portland, OR 97214

Site News: Crazy Busy this Summer

Hi All. Due to a personal project that is going on right now, all the free time (haha) that I would normally be spending writing posts here is going to other things. Posting is going to be on the light side this summer. If you’ve contacted me, for whatever reason, I’m sorry if it takes me a while to get back to you. Thanks for your patience!


Omission Beer Event

Omission Lager from Event

It is admittedly infrequent that the paths of a beer maker and gluten-free blogger cross. I do get invited to events here and there, and the first of 2012 happens to be the press event for Omission beer. Omission beer is made by Widmer Brothers, a division of Craft Brew Alliance, both of which are Portland-based. The event was hosted by Saraveza, which, judging from the menu, is definitely not a gluten-free friendly place, but which has a great little spot around the corner for events like this.

The event was made up of PR people, local bloggers, local media, and some folks from Widmer. I brought along the Gluten Free Portland official beer correspondant, Heather Marsh. Pictured above are Mieke from Tula Baking (who provided some of the treats for the event), Widmer brewmaster Joe Casey, and the CEO of Craft Brew Alliance, Terry Michaelson. Casey’s wife is celiac, as is Michaelson. We spent some time talking with both of them, swapping stories about trying to find places to eat while travelling, and comparing notes on favorite restaurants and bakeries in town.

Omission in the Case

It’s nice to walk into an event where the first thing that happens after introductions is that someone puts a beer in your hand. I was really curious to see what the beer tasted like, and had one of those “oh yeah, that’s what that tastes like, I had forgotten” kind of moments when I had a drink of the Omission Pale Ale. It had literally been years since I’d had a real pale ale, but I could have told you what I was drinking without having to check the label.

About the Brewing Process

The company notes that Omission was six years in the making. It’s unique in that the beer is brewed with normal beer-making ingredients like malted barley and hops, and the gluten is removed during the process. Then the beer is batch-tested by an independent lab to make sure that it falls below the international standard of 20 ppm of gluten (the company claims that they go further and test to 6 ppm). Neither Casey nor Michaelson were willing to go into the nitty gritty details of how they remove the gluten, but would say that “it’s complicated”.

Omission Brewing Process

One of the posters at the event went into further details, saying “Throughout the brewhouse process, proteins in Omission beers are degraded and/or removed entirely via precipitation, denaturation, and sedimentation.” And later, “After fermentation, yeasts, solids, and proteins are removed using a centrifuge and DE filter…” (I’m thinking that it’s pretty safe to take the words “proteins” in these two sentences and substitute “gluten and other proteins.”) Before they bottle it, the beer is “rapid tested” for gluten in the bright beer tanks. The beer is then bottled and sample bottles are sent out for independent gluten testing using an R5 Competitive ELISA test.

Omission Testing Results

One very interesting thing that they’ve done is that you can go online and check the test results of the batch you’re drinking. To do so, you go to and enter the date stamp information from the bottle. Here are the test results from the bottle I had last night.

Moving Forward

Omission is not yet available outside of Oregon. Widmer plans to begin distributing the beer nationwide as soon as the necessary details are worked out with the TTB (the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau of the U.S. Dept of the Treasury). As many of our readers know, the FDA is still getting its act together about all things gluten-free, so there’s not much going on there. With any luck, people outside of Oregon will be drinking gluten-free lager sooner rather than later.

Also mentioned at the event, Widmer is working to expand their gluten-free offerings to include more varieties of beer. They don’t seem to have any plans to supply the beer in draft form, which makes sense because of the risk of cross-contamination from the lines.

How Does it Taste?

With Omission, I think that Widmer is going to have a hit on their hands. Both Heather and I thought that the Omission Lager was good, but both of us preferred the Pale Ale. I asked a bunch of the beer bloggers in the room what they thought, and everyone agreed that the beer was good. One person noted that the pale ale was just a little sweet. Nobody I talked to thought that there was anything funny or strange about the taste.

In this case, saying that “it didn’t taste funny” is akin to attending a Cirque du Soleil show and declaring that the performers “somehow managed to totter across the stage with their crutches.” But considering that we’re talking about gluten-free beer, it needed to be said. As I mentioned above, I had one of those moments where I tasted the Omission Pale Ale, and remembered drinking other pale ales years ago. I’m not an expert, but to me Omission tasted crisp, flavorful, and well-balanced. We were given lots of samples on our way out the door, so hopefully soon we’ll have a more thorough report from Heather and her cohorts.

Look for Omission at your local retailer. You can also go to the source, the Widmer Gasthaus on North Russell. They have recently expanded their menu to include plenty of gluten-free items. We plan to visit soon and will certainly post the results here. Thanks to Widmer for the free beer!

Portland Gluten Free Brewery Tour

Here’s an interesting event coming to Portland. A special gluten-free brewery tour happening April 9, 2012, noon to 5:30 PM. It looks like these tours fill up fast. More information is available at Brewvana. The event registration page is available here. Press release:

Beer expert Brian Yaeger guides tour of various fermentations, April 9

Portland, OR, Mar 28, 2012 – Brewvana, the tour operator best known for conducting tours of Portland breweries, offers a unique tour for fans of all libations, including those on gluten-free diets. It is the result of Brewvana founder Ashley Rose Savatti and beer writer Brian Yaeger asking, “What about the other –eries?” A whole world of adult beverages exists in and around Portland—beyond beloved beer—made from fermented apples, honey, and rice. As a major benefit, our gluten-intolerant friends who equally appreciate artisanal drinks can safely imbibe. The special tour is Monday, April 9, from noon – 5:30 p.m. Space is limited and tickets are $85.

Hop on the Brewvana bus and begin the at Buschwhacker Cider the only cidery in Portland. Cidermaker Jeff Smith will lead a discussion of “hard” ciders, a segment of the beer market currently enjoying tremendous growth of 25%. The second stop will be Kookoolan World Meadery in Yamhill. Yamhill County is home to some 280 wineries, but only this one specializes in honey wine and meadmaker Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor will guide guests in discussion and sampling. Next, the bus stops at Saké One in Forest Grove. It is Oregon’s only saké brewery (saké is brewed like beer and is therefore not “rice wine”). Lastly, what’s a Brewvana tour without going to a brewery? The tour concludes at  Harvester Brewing, a new brewery in Portland and the only one dedicated to brewing gluten free beers that are proving a hit even among non-Celiacs. Brewmeister James Neumeister will lead the tour and tasting.

About Brian Yaeger:
Yaeger is the author of “Red, White, and Brew: An American Beer Odyssey,” about the people and places that constitute the brewing industry. He lives in Portland, freelancing as a beer and travel writer contributing to Willamette Week, All About Beer Magazine, Draft, Beer West, and more. Yaeger and his wife open their spare apartment to beercationers at Inn Beervana. Follow him at

About Brewvana: The Ultimate Brewery Tour Experience.
Brewvana is committed to embracing the history and culture of the brewing industry in Portland by introducing people to the vast selection of beer (and now other fermentations!) that Portland has to offer. This one-of-a kind tour experience includes transportation to and from Portland’s award winning breweries as well as the smaller, upcoming breweries. The all-inclusive tour also provides lots of samples, food, meet and greet with the brewer/maker, tours of the facility, trivia and more. Whether you are an amateur imbiber or a connoisseur, you will be guaranteed to reach BREWVANA: the euphoric state of awareness, appreciation and love for Portland’s finest craft beer.

Miscellanous News: Subway and Burgerville Go Gluten Free Friendly

SUBWAY Gluten Free

We heard about it first on our Facebook group page. SUBWAY has been in the gluten-free news for a couple of months by starting to provide gluten free bread (and brownies?) at their restaurants. We have yet to try the sandwiches, but have heard good things about them. They are also going to great lengths to educate their employees about gluten free issues and to prevent cross-contamination. For these things, I can only be grateful. Here’s a press release they sent us recently:

Gluten-Free goes mainstream: Oregon Subway Restaurants are first casual sandwich shop to offer gluten-free menu items

For the estimated 16 million Americans with gluten sensitivity, eating out can pose a real challenge. Now Oregonians can kick off the New Year with new choices, when SUBWAY restaurants across the state begin offering gluten-free sandwich options and gluten-free brownies as regular menu items after a successful test in Portland and Bend this summer.

Oregon is one of a handful of states to offer these alternatives, based on its reputation for mainstreaming food trends that might be niche alternatives elsewhere. When Subway’s Oregon stores had the highest average number of gluten free rolls sold during the test, it was clear that gluten-free foods are popular locally.

Gluten’s ubiquity can present a challenge for many families and work groups as they try to coalesce around a restaurant choice.

SUBWAY’s wheat-free sandwich rolls and brownies are produced in a gluten-free facility and are individually packaged. SUBWAY sandwich artists are trained to prevent cross-contamination during the sandwich-making process. For example, one employee will prepare a gluten-free sandwich order from start to finish. Other techniques include single-use knives and eliminating contact between traditional sandwich rolls and other ingredients including meat, cheese and vegetables.

Burgerville gluten free bun


Speaking of fast food, Burgerville, Portland’s much-loved burger chain, has come out with gluten-free buns that they are testing at two restaurants locally (25th & SE Powell in Portland and Fisher’s Landing in Vancouver). We went to one of the restaurants to check it out ourselves. As you can see from the photo above, the bun is delivered in a wrapper to help prevent cross-contamination. We were also handed a questionnaire to fill out.

After having heard so much about Burgerville from people we know, we were unprepared for how unappetizing their burgers were. The patties were overcooked. We both felt like the bun, which is produced by Udi’s in Colorado, did not compare well to the buns you can get from Jensen’s. The buns were dry, crumbly, and generally unappetizing. Of course, since the buns were being served in a package, there was no way to toast them, so I guess that would be expected.

On the plus side, the staff was extremely friendly, and the food came out fast. On the minus side, the restaurant was freezing cold. Did we mention that the burger patties weren’t very good? If you want to try them out yourself, Burgerville will be testing these buns until January 12, so you still have a few days left to try them.

Support the Arts in Portland – Follow the Creative Advocacy Network on Twitter

Hey everybody. Here’s another “not exactly gluten-free” but something we want to support. A Portland arts organization, the Creative Advocacy Network is looking for your support. What do they need? Just a follow in Twitter, and a Like on Facebook. If you’re wondering about the organization itself, I think that all you need do is check out the board of directors, here.

Click this link and then follow CAN on Twitter. If over 2500 people follow the organization by December 31, CAN will receive funding from the City of Portland.

Things We Like: Work on Your Career

This is the first of what we hope are many future posts where we share resources and things that we think are great and/or would be useful to our readers, even when it isn’t exactly about being gluten free. This item is just in time for your New Years resolution to boost/change/rethink your career, or if you are just hunting for a job. I’ve used their services in the past and have found them to be very useful. Here’s the blurb:

Carpenter Smith Consulting is offering free weekly tips to help people create career success in the new economy. These tips are nuggets pulled from 20 years of experience helping people find meaning and satisfaction in their work lives. To get the tips emailed to you each week click here to add your name to the list. There is no fee for this service.

Carpenter Smith Consulting is a Portland based business that inspires leaders and changes lives through career consulting, executive coaching, leadership development, and business consultation.

This has already started, so sign up now.

Carpenter Smith Consulting, LLC
516 SE Morrison, Suite 830
Portland, Oregon 97214
Voice: 503.274.9447

Coming Events

Here is your reminder about Crave Bake Shop’s Fundraiser for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

What: Join the Crave Bake Shop team for a fun-filled evening of music, dancing, desserts and raffle prizes at Bushwhackers Saloon as we raise $30,000 for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

About CCFA: The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America’s (CCFA) mission is to cure and prevent Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis through research, and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these digestive diseases through education and support. More than 82 cents of every dollar the foundation spends goes to mission-critical programs.

Where: Bushwhackers Saloon, 8200 Tonka Street Tualatin, OR 97062, 503-563-5023

When: Fundraiser begins at 7pm on Friday, November 11, 2011

More info: Visit or on Facebook (Crave Bake Shop), or contact Jamie Hogland at or 503-212-2979

November GIG Meeting

The Portland Gluten Intolerance Group’s annual Thanksgiving Potluck and Recipe Contest is this Saturday.

This Saturday’s meeting of our GIG of Portland will be a Thanksgiving dinner potluck at our regular time, 10-12 at Emmanuel Hospital, rm 1075. Bring your fave GF dish to share PLUS the recipe (and 20-30 copies of the recipe). Come hungry!
Recipe contest and prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. If you are new to gluten-free, bring a vegetable side dish to be super safe! Lots of yummy dishes.
Our meetings are always free to all who are interested in the gluten-free lifestyle, eating and living gluten-free, whether you are gluten-sensitive, gluten-intolerant or have celiac disease or an auto-immune disease that necessitates a gluten-free diet.

When: October 8 – 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Legacy Emanuel Hospital
2801 N Gantenbein Ave.
Portland, OR. 07227-1623
Room E-1075/1077

More Info: Call Lisa Shaver 503.577.9339, GIG of Portland branch manager.

Photos and Notes from the GIG Holiday Food Fair

We attended the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) Holiday Food Fair around noon last Saturday the 22nd. When we walked in, the place was hopping, and everyone we talked to mentioned how busy it was. Besides vendors with booths set up, there were also a number of talks on various subjects available. We didn’t attend any of the talks, and instead went around the room, sampled goodies and talked to some of the people we knew there. We looked around for Lisa Shaver, the Portland Metro GIG Branch Manager, but didn’t see her. (Sorry for the quality on some of these photos. I’m going to have to switch back to using my real camera instead of my phone.)

Here are the Jensens of Jensen’s Bread and Bakeries. They make the buns that are served at a large number of restaurants around Portland, including all 59 Northwst McMenamins, the Corbet and Hawthorne Fish Houses, Dick’s Kitchen, and a quickly-growing list of others.

Some of you may have noticed a gluten-free food cart around town called the “GF Chef.” Here is the chef himself, Jim Adams, and his significant other. He had samples of biscuits and gravy along with information about his cart, which is currently available at NE 20th at Everett in the Green Castle Food Court. They serve various sandwiches, corn dogs, donuts, and other American food.

We don’t have space here to list everyone who had a booth at the show, but the regular big name gluten-free companies had booths. So there was Bragg’s, Ener-G Foods, New Seasons Market, Pura Vida Products, Rudi’s, and even Tupperware. Bakeries were well represented, including many we know like Crave Bake Shop, Cravin Raven, Gluten-Free Gem, New Cascadia Traditional, Piece of Cake, and White Rabbit Bakery, but also some ones we didn’t recognize.

Here is a woefully blurry picture of Ann Miller, the owner of the Gluten-Free Gem Bakery, and one of her bakers, whose name I would have written down if I was more organized (Note to self: be more organized). They had samples of their delicious baked goods, as well as information about their products, which are produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility here in town. They are located at 265 N Hancock St. #105 and have a retail window that is open 9 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday. Their baked goods are available at Stumptown Coffee locations around town, New Seasons Markets, and a bunch of other places in Portland.

Ann Miller told us about an upcoming Gluten Free Expo taking place at the Salem Convention Center on November 26.

Last but not least, we visited the Crave Bake Shop booth. Laura B. Russell was there signing copies of her book, The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen. Next, from left to right here is Jamie Hogland, the business partner of Crave Bake Shop’s Kyra Bussanich. Then comes Deb Wheaton and her daughter Amy. Deb Wheaton is a celiac consultant, gluten-free blogger (, and writer/producer working with the Celiac Disease Foundation to produce the national public service announcements and a series of educational online videos to raise awareness.

That’s all we have. See you next time, and thanks to the GIG for holding these events!