Questions From Our Readers and Updates

In the past couple of days, we’ve received a handful of questions from our readers. I’m posting them here with the hopes that someone else will have some helpful information. We also have some updates on past reviews.

Our first question comes from Jack, who will be visiting Portland soon and will be staying near downtown on SW Morrison. His 5 year old son is celiac and Jack wants to know if there is somewhere nearby to get gluten-free hamburgers or hot dogs. The only place we know about is Deschutes. Does anybody else have any options?

Next, we were contacted by a reader who was looking for a place in Portland to get gluten-free cosmetics, toothpaste, and over-the-counter drugs. To me it sounds like a job for the Triumph Dining Grocery Guide. Does anybody know of a place in or around Portland to get these sorts of items?

Last, we received a request for somewhere to get a slice of good gluten-free pie. We definitely want an answer to that!

Next up, I don’t know if anybody checks up on past reviews we’ve done, but every once in a while new information becomes available and we make changes to our reviews. We recently changed our reviews of the above-mentioned Deschutes Brewery, and of Picazzo’s Pizza in Sellwood. We have news about Sweetpea Bakery.

Look for some exciting news about bread and buns coming this Wednesday!