Thai Fresh – 8409 SE Division Street

Cuisine: Thai
Address: 8409 SE Division Street, Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503-774.2186

Cross-Contamination: Unclear. Reader reviews seem positive, though dated. Reached out to restaurant for further information and are awaiting response to our inquiry.

From a reader: “Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up on a Thai restaurant called Thai Fresh. It is located on 84th and Division on the north side of the street. I had dinner there last night and the food was great. The best part is that if you tell them you can’t have gluten, they will modify the use of their spices (including using wheat free soy sauce) and if you are eating family style they will also leave gluten out of the rest of the dishes! They are super nice, very accommodating, and the food was delicious.” Thanks Montserrat!



  1. Christy says

    We ate at Thai Fresh last week and it was delicious! The staff was extremely helpful and friendly, and I left feeling full and with no worries of contamination! Highly recommend!!

  2. Nita says

    This place is amazing! They mention right away that everything is made from scratch and that they can accommodate any food allergies, so you don’t even have to ask. They also carry Redbridge beer. And the food is fantastic whether you have allergies or not!

  3. Ruth says

    We have made this a regular on our eat out list. The staff is so great and are happy to accomodate all my sensitivities. They recently expanded and can now handle larger groups. The food is some of the best Thai i have had.

  4. M&M says

    Highly recommend! This place is clean, the food is amazing, the staff is more than accomodating, and we haven’t had any issues with cross contamination. We will travel across town to eat here. You should too. :)

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