Spunky Monkey House of Coffee (CLOSED)



“We serve pastries, biscuit sandwiches, desserts and waffles that are all gluten-free. (As well as all organic and sugar-free house-crafted coffees, chai, and chocolates.) To help prevent cross-contamination, we exclusively use gluten-free flours in our house-made pastries, biscuits, and waffles. Our waffle iron has never seen a gluten-laden batter. We also keep baked goods from gluten-based bakeries in a separate container from ours. Eating gluten-free foods shouldn’t be a sacrifice. We only serve gluten-free foods that everyone can enjoy. Menu Markings: Separate GF Menu”


  1. Julie says

    We had a GF bagel and GF waffles at Spunky Monkey, both with fig butter and vanilla honey. Out. Of. This. World. Good. They have a dedicated waffle maker for the GF waffle batter. They use Pamela’s baking mix for the batter. A fun, funky place with great breads!

  2. Steph says

    Gfree biscuit, pretty good! Only serving waffles on the weekend FYI, and it’s more of a coffeehouse than a sitdown breakfast, good though! They use Pamela’s baking products.

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