Slappy Cakes – 4246 SE Belmont St

Cuisine: Pancakes/Breakfast
Address: 4246 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215
Phone: 503-477-4805

Cross-Contamination: Unclear. Awaiting response to our inquiry from restaurant.
Accommodation: Foods are all prepared on the same surfaces.



  1. says

    Hi! I wouldn’t call Slappy Cakes gluten-free or gluten-friendly even. I called them to inquire and while they do have a gluten-free batter, they say that they cook it on the same griddles and grills as all the gluten-containing batters — which basically negates it being gluten free. P.S. I can’t change my name and website but I’m Amy @ Yard to Fork (

    • Dave says

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks for your comment on this and adding your info. It’s good to know.

      There are some people who shouldn’t eat at restaurants that aren’t 100% gluten-free dedicated facilities, period. Not everybody is like that. We’ve done a lot of soul-searching about whether or not to include places like Slappy Cakes. We finally opted to keep it open and do our best to educate people that they need to consider the kinds of problems you have brought up.

      Thanks again – Dave

  2. heidi says

    Keep in mind too, that Slappy Cakes cannot make a gluten free and dairy free batter option. I was disappointed about that, I really wanted to try this place. It looks really marvelous.

  3. Lindsay says

    For anyone who is highly sensitive, I do not recommend Slappy Cakes. I ate there a few days ago and while I had an amazing gf pancake, I got very sick. I know that I was taking a risk by eating at a place that also makes non gf items, but I had read reviews of other celiacs who could eat there so I thought I was safe. I was there with a friend who is also celiac who had eaten there before with no problem. Despite getting very sick, it was delicious, and if you are not super sensitive, you will enjoy it!

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