Seasons and Regions – 6660 SW Capitol Hwy

Cuisine: Seafood
Address: 6660 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219
Phone: 503-244-6400

Cross-Contamination: Unknown - reached out to restaurant for further information and awaiting response to our inquiry.



  1. jessica says

    I ate here a few months ago and was reslly disappointed by the education of the staff. I made it clear I was gluten intolerant and ordered a salad sans croutons, which came with croutons. When I sent it back the waitress returned the exact same salad with crouton crumbs still hidden in the lettuce. She had just picked them out and returned the salad. Not cool! The manager was extremely apologetic and accommodating, and I understand that it’s a hard concept to understand. The food was great otherwise but I would stay away if you are very sensitive…I was sick for a few days afterward.

    • Dave says

      I’ve had that exact same thing (with the croutons) happen to me at a restaurant. I can’t believe a restaurant would be so stingy. Just save that salad and give it to the next person who orders one.

  2. Leah says

    I ate here a few wks ago, had a GF salad and an entree from the GF menu, the food was good, I barely made it home before I got violently sick. I don’t know if they served me the wrong entree but I won’t be going back unfortunately.

    • Dave says

      Wow. Sorry to hear about that. Sometimes it’s hard to know where something came from. I hope you complained to the restaurant.

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