International Fine Dining – “Menu online has * next to gluten free options, servers will tell you list tableside and offer to adjust other dishes. Lava cake dessert is gluten free! To help prevent cross-contamination, we prepare all dishes from scratch. We keep the kitchen clean throughout service (any diner is welcome to come inspect it).”


  1. Bluespire says

    This place is amazing! The food is creative, innovative, and delicious. You can’t find food like this anywhere else in Portland AND it’s gluten free.

  2. Jessica says

    Amazing!! Everything on the menu was gluten free, even the bread and butter they bring out after seating us. Food is very creative and original. Tried ricotta doughnuts, mushroom soup, edamame pate with veggies, a fava bean crepe with eggplant and peppers with curry and lentils, and my boyfriend had the rice pasta with veggies and white beans, all topped off with the chocolate lava cake in caramel sauce with a custardy ice cream and blackberry compote. Everything was out of this world!

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