1. Jennifer says

    They don’t always have their gluten-free desserts available. Even when I called ahead, they were out by the time I got there, which is their only fallback!

    However, their macaroons and homemeade ice cream are gluten-free, which is readily available! Being a Celiac who is extremely sensitive, I didn’t get sick at all and fell in love with the macaroons after one bite! :-)

  2. Amy says

    The person that was “helping” us was not very helpful at all. She couldn’t be bothered. Not friendly, NOT kid friendly. The Aphrodite was pretty good, however I don’t see myself spending my money there again.

    • Dave says

      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience there. We don’t visit regularly, but have been there a handful of times. I see people bring kids there, but I think it is more of an adult place, especially on busy nights. One time we went there in the afternoon and a mother was there with her young daughter. It was obvious that they were out on a mother-daughter outing to get ice cream. Kind of perfect.

      I like the Concorde better than the Aphrodite. I’ve never had a problem with any of the help there, but they do get really busy depending on what night you visit. As the first commenter mentioned, it’s best to call ahead and make sure they have what you want. Every time I’ve asked, they’ve been happy to set something aside for me.

      The coffee is always great.

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