Piece of Cake Bakery – 8306 SE 17th Ave

Cuisine: Bakery
Website: http://www.pieceofcakebakery.net/
Address: 8306 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
Phone: 503-234-9445


Offers whole line of vegan, gluten-free, and sugar free cakes and desserts.



  1. says

    I just had the first cake I’ve been able to eat since being diagnosed with food allergies to gluten, eggs, soy and dairy (19 months and counting) and it was from this bakery thanks to a friend who surprised me for my birthday. I don’t know about how things were in March, but the current menu clearly states a difference between wheat-free items and gluten-free items. I had the “Margie’s Blueberry Coffee Cake” and while it wasn’t what I would expect a coffee cake to be, it was absolutely delicious and I’ve not had a single reaction.

    I just wish they still had their vegan, gf, soy-free apple tart!

  2. Trish says

    Look at this place it is very dirty and messy…..I am glad that I cancelled my wedding cake with them after reading what they did and how it is actually Spelt. I made my own cake (carrot) and had them do the decorating at Albertson Bakery in Happy Valley. I used my cake for the top and they put cardboard between the layers so I did not get the wheat. Also Piece of Cake is very expensive for their wedding cakes…and Albertson was about 1/3 the price and they have loads of options. AND the big difference is Albertsons is clean…..Piece of cake is a filthy mess……UCK

  3. says

    This is Marilyn DeVault, the owner of Piece of Cake Bakery. I would like to correct the misunderstanding in this comment thread.

    I have been doing gluten-free desserts for over ten years and vegan-wheat free for over 20 years – I am very serious about dietary needs and we have NEVER used spelt flour in our gluten-free recipes.

    My gluten-free recipes have 2 different combinations. One is rice, potato, and tapioca and the other has different combinations of gluten-free ingredients.

    Our vegan/wheat-free is not gluten-free as it does contain organic spelt flour.It is possible there may have been some misunderstanding.

    I am very sorry you read this comment and canceled your wedding cake order. We take great pride in our wedding cakes and have a large client base of very happy brides!

    We have never misrepresented our ingredients and think it would be beyond wrong to do that! My employees are trained to have knowledge about ingredients, cross contamination, particulates in the air, storage, and placing gluten-free product in their own box.

    Please call with any questions, Thanks very much!
    Marilyn 503-234-9445

    • rhonda krogstad says

      My sons girlfriend bought me your gf red velvet cake and i am eating the last piece today, it was awesome, thank you

  4. Tami says

    I purchased a gluten-free birthday cake for my good friends birthday that is gluten intolerant. I spoke with one of the employees there, and they were so helpful. They helped me pick out the perfect cake, and even showed me the ingredient list to make sure I felt confident that I was purchasing something that would make her happy and not get her sick due to gluten. The cake was a hit at the party! Even the people that can have gluten, were raving about the cake.

    Whomever wrote those negative comments about Piece Of Cake must be crazy!!! I wonder what bakery they were at???

  5. Janet says

    Although the gluten-free cakes I purchased from Piece of Cake for a baby-shower were tasty they were also incredibly expensive and were tiny and did not serve as many people as they told me they would. We cut itty-bitty little pieces to stretch them, very embarassing. Not likely to try them again.

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