Pastini Pastaria – 911 SW Taylor

Cuisine: Italian
Address: 911 SW Taylor at 9th Avenue Portland, OR, 97205
Phone: 503-595-1361

Cross-Contamination: Gluten free brown rice pasta cooked separately. Fresh pans and utensils used for GF orders. Restaurant has cross contamination reduction measures in place, but since bread and regular pasta are in their kitchens, restaurant indicates that they are not an appropriate choice for guests with severe allergies.
Accommodation: When servers are alerted by the guest there is an allergy, restaurant has an allergy button on our ordering system to alert the kitchen.

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  1. Julie says

    We ate at Pastini our first night in Portland. It was incredible – I had the bolognese with GF spaghetti and GF tiramisu. The service was wonderful and the food was excellent. We liked it so much that we had lunch the next day at the other Pastini location (near Nordstrom). I had GF chicken marsala and tiramisu – another winning meal. We loved this place! Great atmosphere and menu. The GF dishes come with a little Italian flag in them, to mark that they’re GF.

  2. Molly says

    To my surprise Pastini’s, despite being a chain, has their GF menu dialed in. I appreciated the gluten free pasta choices that taste great! The wait staff is great about confirming dairy and gluten free dishes upon delivery at the table!

  3. Katie says

    The tiramisu here is absolutely amazing! I also didn’t expect their GF pasta to taste so darn delicious. If you’re a big fan of Italian cuisine this place offers many pasta options (except for things like lasagna and canneloni). I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is GF or not.

  4. Alan says

    Only two gluten free pastas but they can do all kinds of dishes with them. I’ve enjoyed each dish I’ve had there – one with butternut squash that was exceptionally good. We’ve eaten at both the Division location as well as the Bend location with my daughter who has celiac and had no problem. They put a flag on the gluten free dishes to make it obvious to all staff. Make sure you’re clear with the wait staff (we almost ended up with rolls served to us) but once we discussed it they seemed knowledgable and conscientious at both locations.

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