Old Spaghetti Factory

Italian – Separate gluten-free menu available, in addition to gluten-free pasta.

Multiple Locations


  1. We weren’t thrilled with the Spaghetti Factory just off Mill Plain in Vancouver, WA. The food was good, but three of us had a bad reaction afterward. Felt like an MSG reaction: burning tongue, metallic taste, killer headache. Called the next day and asked about MSG. Manager said there was no MSG used in the kitchen, but we wonder about the chicken in the Chicken Caesar Salad and GF baked chicken over rice noodles.

  2. Be careful if you are sensitive. The noodles are cooked in separate water, but they use the sauces off the line. The utensils for the sauce can touch the regular noodles when they are preparing the dishes and then that utensil goes back into the sauce and will transfer gluten into the sauce. So, if you are sensitive like I am I wouldn’t recommend eating here.

  3. Was fine the first time with the mizithra. The next time, ordered the baked chicken with my brown butter and mizithra and had a nearly instant reaction. The rest of the family was fine. They ordered mizithra and red sauce with sausage.

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