NorthWest Public House (CLOSED)





  1. Nancy Turner says

    Exciting news for a person with celiac. Can’t wait to try some of the menu items – especially the crepes and the ice cream sandwiches!

  2. Katie says

    I love this place! There is not a gluten free restaurant in Portland that I would recommend more highly. You absolutely have to try their Dirty Mac. How can you go wrong with bacon, ground beef, onions, tomatoes and jalapenos in Mac ‘n’ Cheese? If you prefer the more traditional Mac they have that too, as well as another option that has Rosemary Chicken in it. They use Udi’s bread and bagels which in my opinion is the best GF bread out there. Gluten free or not the burgers in this place are some of the best I have ever had. The meat is so juicy and flavorful. For a healthier option you can do a Turducken patty which is pretty lean (turkey, duck, chicken, all ground made into a burger). SPeaking of healthy…..Lol. I can’t even begin to describe the desserts! Fried apple fritters with caramel and ice cream are to die for! All of that aside the restaurant/bar itself is really nice. It has a feel of an upscale, NW, trendy pub/restaurant/sports bar. They have a ton of flat screen TV’s upstairs and some downstairs so you can watch sports all day long. They also carry some pretty amazing beer (not gluten free) that you can’t find anywhere (or almost anywhere) else in Portland. The one gluten free beer they carry is in a bottle and is from Spain. It’s almost as good as real beer. Reminds me of a mix between a Pilsner and Stella Artois. The owners are absolutely wonderful. They take time to get to know the guests and make them feel at home. You can tell they really care about making connections in the community and sincerely want to learn about their guests and keep them coming back. One of them really is gluten free (her and I have had some great discussions about this) so it’s nice to know she understands what we’re going through and what us GF folk crave. A lot of restaurants have their regulars that they get to know as they come in more and more. Julie (one of the owners) didn’t wait for us to come back several times. She introduced herself and started to get to know us immediately, the first time I was there. So this place definitely gets my highest recommendation for oh so many reasons. All of the staff is very friendly as well so you always feel welcome. Oh and don’t forget the brunch on weekends starting at 9. Gluten free crepes and french toast! My review is starting to sound like an ad but I am just a huge fan of this place and a regular. I have been going there pretty much since they opened and have seen their business boom and grow which is always a good indication of a restaurant well run on all levels.

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