My Thai Bistro – 3500 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Cuisine: Thai
Address: 3500 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: 503-230-9288

Cross-Contamination: Any menu item can be made GF. All of prep work with flour done on one table separate from the other prep stations. Extremely careful regarding cleaning utensils and prep areas between dishes to avoid contamination.



  1. Callista says

    My Thai Bistro is awesome! I went there (not knowing how super fantastic they were to people with food allergies) and inquired as to whether or not the fried rice contained soy sauce. My waiter told me that the chef custom-makes everything, so if I am interested in fried rice without soy sauce (gluten) then they would happily make me a gluten-free fried rice. I gratefully took them up on their offer, and the rice was super delicious. I have been back many times since, and they always enthusiastically cater to my gluten-free needs. I deeply appreciate their flexibility and adaptability, and I would recommend My Thai Bistro to anyone–especially those with food sensitivities.

  2. Bart says

    We just tried My Thai Bistro tonight and the food was delicious and the staff was excellent in helping us navigate the menu. My wife is celiac and is highly sensitive to gluten and like many celiacs is allergic to many other things, such as dairy, beef, shellfish, sesame, etc. My son is also allergic to gluten and dairy. The waiter patiently walked us through the menu and recommended dishes for us. It was nice as nearly the whole menu was open to us with some modifications. We had duck curry with lychee fruit, kabocha squash curry with pork, salad rolls and kid friendly pad thai. We even had thai ice tea with coconut milk instead of cream. Everything was delicious. The duck curry was amazing! We have eaten a lot of thai food (before the realization of allergies) and this was right up there with the best thai food we have had. I would highly recommend this place as the food is great, allergies or not.

  3. Jessica says

    The other reviews are so right…very helpful when it comes to gluten intolerance! We were told that only 3 items on the menu contained gluten, and there were so many delicious options. We tried the chicken satay, salad rolls, pra ram with (fried!) tofu, and mango curry with chicken. All of it was delicious and I didn’t experience any stomach issues afterwards (the best part).

  4. Amanda says

    WOW!!! This place was great–double checked with us about allergies and had all around wonderful service. The best Pineapple Red Curry I’ve ever had (number 33 on the menu). So good!

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