Keana’s Candyland Restaurant & Bakery (CLOSED)





  1. joanna says

    Someone bragged about keanas having elephant ears so immediately i called a friend we packed up our 6 kids together and drove almost an hour there.
    As far as the atmosphere, its cute boardering on creepy with angels and scriptures everywhere. And although it looks friendly its not so much, we went up stairs to eat our treats and every time we moved someone was there to remind us not to touch anything.
    The food was awful, the elephant ears only similarities to a real elephant ear was cinnamon and sugar, even with all the sugar in the world it was gross and weird. We also ordered doughnuts and other foods and everything left a strange after taste and awful texture and nothing tasted quite right.
    My friend and i still.refer to that day as the day we went to candy hell.

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