Il Piatto

Italian – Among more obvious gluten-free items on the menu, we have confirmed that the Calamari Fritti is gluten-free (breaded with cornmeal and rice flour) and that rice pasta is always available upon request.


  1. Really?

    Yes– they may say that on the menu— but I had a friend that worked there– and they don’t have a separate fryer (or at least at the time) and I went there once and they had SWITCHED OUT THE BATTER for a flour batter– even though the menu stated it was rice flour without mentioning it. SUCKY. Perhaps they’ve changed– but I use to frequent the joint– until I realized they were so dodgy. JUST SAYING- ASK QUESTIONS.

  2. Just went from your website to theirs. Appears to not exist anymore.

  3. Their website days they are closed now. Too bad because I’ve been looking for GF Italian in the city.

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