German & Northwest Fare – Full gluten-free menu available.

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  1. I ate at Gustav’s recently. They have a gluten-free menu with some really good stuff on it and were even able to make it dairy-free as well. I liked it a lot.

  2. Unfortunately the chef who created the menu doesn’t understand Celiac Disease, because most of the meals are not Celiac-friendly! Plus, they don’t take precautions for cross-contamination!

    I went there for a friend’s party and was saddened that I was unable to order anything even though they boast a gluten-free menu! :(

  3. Definitely not safe for those with moderate to severe allergies! The GF menu does acknowledge that the kitchen and serving tools are not cleaned or separated to prevent cross contamination, but while some restaurants giving such warning have still served “clean” food that I tolerated well that was sadly not the case here.

  4. Note: Gustav’s protocol for large parties requires that the whole party order the same gluten-free / vegetarian item off their feast menu even if only one patron has the diet restriction.

  5. The Gustav’s in Vancouver is much better about accommodating those with gluten intolerance, I’ve eaten at the Sandy location and it’s always been trouble. Never again.

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