Corbett Fish House: 5901 SW Corbett


Cuisine: Seafood

Address: 5901 SW Corbett Ave. Portland

Phone: 971-279-2169


Cross Contamination: Restaurant is almost entirely GF. They have malt vinegar on the tables and packaged oyster crackers that come with soup.

Accommodation: Restaurant is willing to accommodate diners with other allergies or sensitivities.



  1. Victoria Campbell says:

    Good fish and chips! A little oily but so exciting to be able to eat fish and chips again. Almost the whole menu is gluten free – except some bread.

  2. Donna Spencer says:

    We eat there every time we have to go to Portland. Good gluten free food, and wait staff very friendly. We are there twice a year, and highly recommend it. Wonderful to have so many choices in Portland!

  3. My family has been there several times. While we appreciate all the gluten-free options, we find the food greasy and overpriced, and the service ranging from lax to incompetent. Last time we were there, cigarette smoke was wafting through from the bar hounds who stand right outside the back door and smoke. Yuck. Nothing to draw us back.

  4. Visiting from Canada,my family was thrilled to find a great restaurant that had such an extensive GF menu. The halibut fish and chips were perfect, not greasy at all. The fish taco on a corn tortilla was also awesome. Obviously, a very popular local restuarant.

  5. Great fish & chips. Not greasy in my opinion. We eat there at least once a week for lunch.

  6. Suzanne says:

    As a visitor to Portland, I have dreamt of the fish and chips here since leaving – they are that good! Excellent white flaky fish, not greasy (I am not a big deep-fried-food fan, trust me) and the breading is not at all overwhelming – just right! These are the best GF fish and chips I have had anywhere; they were just as popular with the non-gluten-free members of our group. Good selection of other GF items, as well.

  7. My favorite place in the whole world. Can eat there without worrying about getting sick, love the food, better than we’ve ever had, not greasy, really tasty, a REAL treat.

  8. I love this place. So nice to have a gluten free meal that takes fantastic!!

  9. They also have a location on Hawthorne St on the 4300 block.
    Hawthorne Fish House. Love this place! Try the Onion Rings!

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