Buddha Bites Food Cart (CLOSED)



Eclectic – Food cart near PSU that serves mostly gluten free meals, including sandwiches, stews, high protein salads, soups, and sweets. They are open Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4:30 pm and also have a delivery service for rainy days.


  1. Victoria Campbell says

    This place is great, just went last Wednesday. It is almost all gluten free except one type of bread and one cookie. They sell gluten free bread too.

  2. crystle says

    This is one of the best gluten free places I have come across. I love their sandwiches and plates. They’re really good about accommodating other allergies as well!

  3. Janet says

    This cart rocks! My favorites are the salads: the Healthy Greek and Cobb are so delicious. I always feel like I’ve done something really nice for myself when I get lunch there. Just ordered my first loaf of gluten free bread for pick-up tomorrow. Will let you know, but I’m sure it will be excellent!

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