1. Jen says

    This restaurant is awesome and their staff is wonderful. I lived in Germany when I was a kid, and my in law’s are 100% German and when we took my MIL to the Berlin Inn for dinner she LOVED it. My family, who is all GF, loves the food since its like being back in our favorite Gasthaus (restaurant) in Germany. The staff is lovely and never makes you feel weird about being GF.

  2. Matt Fox says

    Servers were friendly & helpful with ordering GF. The place is really small & was pretty loud when I was there. So we ate outside where the server kindly dried off a table & chairs for us. For an appetizer we ordered Portabella Sticks with Roasted Red Pepper Coulee. This was pretty good but needed a lil salt & pepper to liven it up. For dinner I was really excited about what I ordered but was disappointed. I created my own plate. I ordered the Weiner Schnitzel (GF breaded veal), quinoa, & steamed broccoli & carrots. The veggies were decent as was the quinoa but nothing special & the veal was definitely disappointing. It was kind of tough. Whats the point of ordering veal if it’s going to be tough? The flavor was pretty good though, especially the sauce it was in. Since I wasn’t satisfied with my food I tried to order their GF potato pancakes at 9:15 but the kitchen closed at 9:00 apparently. For desert we had the Cashew Cream Torte. It was OK. Not very flavorful. The berry sauce on the plate had some life to it but was a lil sour for my taste.

  3. Wendy says

    This place is fantastic! Delicious German food with tons of gluten-free options. And these people understand gluten-free/cross-contamination/etc. After talking with them I didn’t worry about a thing. My hubby and I both ordered our entrees GF (even though he isn’t) so we could share but he ordered a bavarian pretzel as an appetizer for himself. A waitress came out to check on the order since the chef caught that both entrees were GF but the appetizer wasn’t. Great catch! We explained and all was good. The food was sooooo good and the portions were great. And, great prices! Beats Gustav’s and The Rhinelander by miles and miles. Plus so many GF options. We plan to be regular customers!!

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