Andina – 1314 NW Glisan St

Cuisine: Novoperuvian
Address: 1314 NW Glisan St., Portland, OR
Phone: 971-279-2169

Cross-Contamination: Entire restaurant is gluten-free.
Accommodation: Restaurant has systems in place to prevent cross-contamination.

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  1. says

    Andina: Orgasmic peruvian food. Expensive, but great atmosphere and tantalizing tastes from Peru. There is nothing to compare it to. The owner often comes out and talks with guests. They have both gluten-free and vegetarian menus. I would stay away from any mixed drinks like the sangria as the waiters/waitresses always seem not so sure which are gluten-free and there are no drinks on the gluten-free menu.

  2. Victoria Campbell says

    We eat here once a month as a gluten free treat. If you go with two you can easily order 5 tapas to share. Since you can’t eat bread they bring you a fried yucca alternative!

  3. Dale C. says

    Was in town for business and was taken to Andina. It was the best gluten free restaurant experience I have had since my diagnosis, bar none! The Server was excellent and knowledgable, and didn’t have to be asked to bring the yucca instead of bread. Great food too.

    Also, for those with other allergies, one of my hosts had anaphylactic allergies to other foods and they were extremely careful to make sure that he was taken care of even thouugh his allergy was to something that was found in numerous dishes and salsa.

    I was impressed!

  4. Matt Fox says

    Not impressed. I had several of the GF appetizers & only liked maybe one. The fried yucca was nothing special either, nothing had much flavor in my opinion. My girlfriends nonGF food was great though. My GF desert was good, though I cant remember which I ordered.It was a few months ago. I did enjoy the atmosphere & aesthetics a lot.

  5. Jason says

    Not the best value but if you are a looking for an upscale restaurant downtown it is a good bet. Good place to take out of town guests that are staying downtown.

  6. Suzanne says

    There are many places someone who has to eat gluten-free is made to feel as if it was an imposition to serve them. Not so with Andina. We have eaten here several times and have loved not only the atmosphere, but have also appreciated the very helpful way all of the waitstaff have accommodated our familly’s dietary requests. This is a place to go when eating is not fast food, but is an event. On one occasion the owner even came around to our table, and gave us a complementary appetizer because a family member had just graduated college that evening. It’s great to patronize a restaurant which is not a chain; Andina sponsors events promoting local vintners and artists. Take the time to go there – it is well worth it.

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