100% Gluten-free Thanksgiving at Brooklyn House


Hey y’all! Brooklyn House is doing a gluten-free thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. And for a lucky few there are still a few seats available for in-house dining.

They are also offering take-out!
The menu is posted on their home page.

It appears the regular menu AND a txgiving menu are available.
Go Brooklyn House!!

Harlow: Gluten-free Restaurant Review

DSC_6490I tried Harlow for the first time the week they opened. It was a bit of an odd experience, I yelped about it but my husband made me wait I wanted to wait until I’d tried it at least one more time before actually writing a review. I’m so glad I did because they seem to have worked out the hiccups.

Harlow was opened by the owners of Prasad in the Pearl and I think that Hawthorne was the perfect spot for this venture. The restaurant is entirely gluten-free except for the beer on tap (no GF beer is on tap so there is no risk of an accidental pour). And given it’s in the old Bridgeport Pub location, it seems apropos to offer it.

The first time I went there were no signs up yet to indicate that you should order at the counter. They have since remedied this. That said, I would prefer that the menus be posted or at least available by the door. I found it a bit awkward to slip to the front of the line to grab one. DSC_6495

The atmosphere is very casual and the food is lovely health food fare. I went with my friend Diane Morgan, the author of Roots Cookbook (not all GF but most of her recipes are easily adaptable.) We had fun dissecting the ingredients, starting with the Lemon Poppy Quinoa Pancakes with blueberry compote and vanilla cashew cream. They were simple (the server was happy to share the ingredient list) and quite tasty. We both found the quinoa flour to have a bit of a bitter aftertaste but when you include the compote and syrup the sweet balances that right out.

Oh, wait, we actually started with a sampling of truffles from the display on the counter (why not?!) and found them good but not fabulous.

I got the Outlaw Scramble.  Farm fresh eggs with roasted garlic, dark greens, spinach, avo, pepitas, scallions,  cilantro and jalapeno served with cilantro cream and quinoa and toast. The serving was beyond generous in size. I think I might even ask for less quinoa next time. The  sauce was just the right balance of sweet and savory. It was warm, satisfying and delicious.

On my original visit I had the melody juice, without question one of the most well balanced juices I’ve had in town so I went for a repeat this round.

Please hop over to Harlow, and enjoy. Let us know what you thought in the comments so readers can get your feedback as well.


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The Brooklyn House: 100% Gluten-free Restaurant

DSC_6425A girlfriend and I went to The Brooklyn House tonight for dinner. Finally! We sat down and began to peruse the menu. Nothing mentioned about gluten-free on the menu but when we asked the lovely and bubbly Erica she literally jumped up and down and shared that the entire establishment is gluten-free and mostly soy free (except for the chocolate, which they’re working on sourcing,) and peanut free. I have to say I understand her excitement at the premise of being able to order off of a menu and not have to worry.

For those of you who are dairy-free, there is quite a bit of dairy at the restaurant but only 2 items were not able to be adjusted to meet that need as well. As a matter of fact the menu starts out with “We do not list all of our ingredients on our menu, but we are sincerely happy to tell you what is in each dish, where our food comes from and how to modify our menu to meet your needs.” How happy did that make me? Very, very, happy.

DSC_6473The ambiance at the restaurant was laid back and easy. There were a bunch of kids there, and all the tables were full pretty early (Friday night.) We had 2 gentlemen sitting in pretty close proximity to our table who would join in our conversation here and there. Slightly awkward but sweet at the same time. Early on we realized they had no idea the restaurant was gluten-free. We did inquire as to whether they liked their bread and pasta and they were indeed perfectly satisfied with their choices. This made me happy inside. Turns out the restaurant doesn’t mention gluten-free on their menu on purpose.

They simply serve good food. Gluten-free or not.


Ok, now for the meal.

We got the sourdough bread with olive oil. Delicious. My dinner date Janet thought it could be more ‘sourdoughy’ while I thought it was perfect. Crunchy outside, soft and chewy inside. And I don’t typically eat dairy but I did partake in the herbed butter. Heaven.

Our other appetizer was Grilled Leeks with Roasted Pepper Coulis. I thought the leeks could have been cooked a little more but this time Janet thought they were just right. The smoky flavor was bang on and the coulis was delicious.


Her dinner? Edelweiss Grilled Sausage w/Edelweiss cole slaw and grilled sauerkraut. After a few bites and a long savory pause Janet commented that she’s traveled extensively in Central and Eastern Europe and is always “on the hunt” for a good sausage and sauerkraut meal- and that this is one of the best she’s ever had stateside. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten sausage and sauerkraut at a restaurant but I can assure you this is now going to be one of my faves. Can’t wait to bring my 7 year old, he is going to love it! For my main dish I got the Spicy Veggie Paella. It was good. Not particularly spicy, but I ended up taking it home (and can add in a little extra spice) because I ate half of Janet’s dinner. It made the paella seem run of the mill (which it was not, I assure you.)

Please go out and support this lovely new all gluten-free Portland restaurant. Just make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy it. Everything is made to order and it’s not a quick in-and-out type of place. Sit back, relax, and have a lovely and delicious evening. You won’t regret it.

PS I went back the following night with my husband and 7-year old. For appetizers we got the Brussels Sprouts and the Smorgasbord (see photo below) which had samples of a number of delicious nibbles. For our main we had the Pork Goulash pasta and the Spaghetti and Meatballs. Both good. I would prefer whole grain myself but was impressed that they were able to pull off gluten-free al dente. Oh, and the sausage again, of course. We also went for dessert this time. Yum and yum.





Abby’s Table is Closing. Here’s What’s Next!

Abby's tableI recently heard that Abby’s Table is closing and I was so curious about what our lovely Abby Fammartino is going to be up to next that I contacted her to find out. Read on to get the inside scoop!


Dr. Samantha: When is Abby’s Table closing and what do you have going on between now and then that our readers might be interested in?


Abby: We are closing our current kitchen, at 609 SE Ankeny Street, on September 30th (very soon!) From now until then we have a handful of weekly dinners held each Wednesday and Thursday night at 7pm, one cooking class on Saturday the 21st at 11am (South Indian Cooking), a flamenco show and dinner on Friday the 20th, in which I will both be cooking AND dancing, and a few private catering events. In short, we will be cooking our way through the very last days in this space!


Dr. Samantha: Why did you decide to close the kitchen?


Abby: I have been operating from this location for 5 years, and hosting dinner events, catering and classes here for nearly all that time. When I initially moved in, it was to produce our fresh sauce line, which was distributed to stores across Portland and in Seattle, from 2008-2011. I stopped the sauce production to focus on the mission: to inspire eaters of all kinds to participate in a healthy food culture through our weekly dinners and classes. Now, to further focus on my mission, I will be closing the commercial space to work on cookbook and to teach more! In order to really see change happen on a larger scale, I realized that I needed to get more connected to real people and the real life issues they face that prevent them from cooking more and enjoying delicious food on a regular basis, in their home with loved ones (rather than just at a restaurant!) To me, my main goal is to inspire a healthy food culture in America, and to do that by creating social, real life opportunities that bring people together over fresh, seasonal food. People with restricted diets (gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, etc) should have the opportunity to eat socially, and have the resources they need to learn to make really tasty food with all fresh ingredients. I teach an old style way of embracing the seasons, relishing in flavor, and sharing food with others. This is a part of a healthy life: food culture.
Dr. Samantha: Where can we find you after the kitchen closes? What will you be up to?


Abby: I will be teaching some public classes and I will be continuing to cater parties of all kinds, and will be cooking for these catering events at Taborspace on SE Belmont, a great non-profit and church space with lots of health practitioners onsite.


My main project after October will be my cookbook project: I was presented with the opportunity this spring to write a cookbook for a national audience. Rather than write about the commercial kitchen and the food I cook here with my staff, I wanted to write a cookbook that focuses on helping the home cook make the same food we do, for weeknight dinners and dinner parties alike. This next year I will cooking in the homes of about 60 people who are interested in hosting a hands on “cooking party,” in which I will be cooking in their home with them, so they can host their friends and family to a meal just like at Abby’s Table (except it will be their table!) In some cases I will cook with the host and their friends, and others just the host (depending on their preference). I have nearly all the spots full already! The accumulated experiences, menus and information learned from what it’s like to cook with all types of eaters in their homes will be the basis for the cookbook project. In a way, this is my attempt to start documenting a movement of people who are wanting to learn how to make a healthful, gluten free life sustainable and most importantly, fun and social!


Dr. Samantha: Do you think you’ll reopen again down the pike?


Abby: I never set out to be a restaurant. Rather, I wanted to help create a spark of interest around a healthy food culture in Portland and across America, in order to inspire change. I think a mobile set up is better suited to my mission. Though I am not ruling out finding a beautiful location down the line where I can host some events and teach classes (maybe in wine country!)


Here is the link to Abby’s reservation page for her current events. Facebook, her NEW BLOG and email list are the best way to stay connected to upcoming things after September! So go get on that list!

Restaurant Review: Teote 1615 SE 12th Ave

DSC_6261My husband left a page open in Firefox for me earlier this week. A restaurant. A gluten-free restaurant no less. One I hadn’t heard of. One that was just a short bike ride from our house. I asked on our Gluten-free Portland facebook group if anyone had been there, and how on earth did I miss it? Well, it’s apparently only a few months old, but still.


Opened by the Fuego de Lotus cart folks.

Venezuelan inspired, traditional Arepas topped with Latin American inspired street food.

I found the following online, though the actual author’s name isn’t attached, he’s a friend of the owner (he?) and helped with the opening…

“TEOTE means the end of the journey. The end is where you are confronted with truth, where you rest and reflect. We are providing a space for community to come together, build and flourish. TEOTE will be hosting storytelling nights, bringing back the oral and ancestral tradition of sharing stories, we also invite you to feed the fire by making an offering of our chocolate to the fire.”



It’s one of those order at the counter places. We arrived at 6pm on a Saturday and it was virtually empty save for a few folks out on the back patio. I assume it will be busier later. The back patio is a bar and has a lovely fire pit. Made me want to make a date with some friends to hang out there. It also appears that a bar is soon to be opening upstairs as well.

The restaurant bills itself as “all allergen and gluten-free, as well as locally sourced.” It is, indeed gluten-free (with the exception of the beer) but not allergen free, if you consider dairy an allergen. They butter the arepas and include queso fresco on many dishes, and cheddar and other dairy products in the Sunday brunch. That said. they were very accommodating when we requested no dairy on anything.

DSC_6273My son started with a blackberry sage agua fresca. Fresh juice with sparkling water. It was served with 2 big fat blackberries floating on top. I wanted to snap a pic but they were already in my kid’s belly before I could turn on the camera.DSC_6297

The menu looked great. I am always particularly happy to see that I can get gluten-free and ethically sourced meat. For dinner I got one of the larger plates, grilled Fino ribs. Painted Hills flanken ribs marinated in a serrano chili and cilantro sauce, served with beans, rice, salad, fried plantains & arepa. The meat was delicious and fatty (a little too fatty for my taste but I’m fussy like that, my husband loved it) and the arepas absolutely perfect. It didn’t show up with plantains but we had gotten them as an appetizer. They were starchy, not sweet, and served smothered with a delicious slightly tart and slightly sweet verde sauce.

My son and husband both got the arepas. I wish I had too because they were absolutely fabulous. Next time.

Smokey Pollo $6 Braised Draper Valley chicken topped with cabbage salad, verde sauce and plantain red chili sauce and queso.DSC_6290

Pabellón $6 Shredded Painted Hills flank steak sautéed with peppers, topped with black beans, verde sauce, plantain red chili sauce and queso.

The best thing though, about the restaurant was the décor and vibe. Everywhere you look there’s something lovely and bright. So glad it’s nearby!

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Abby’s Table is Closing

I can’t believe I missed this news but Abby is closing the kitchen at the end of the month to focus on some other projects. I’ll be interviewing her for the site in the next few weeks so she can share the scoop! In the meantime she’s got a few more dinners between now and the end of September. Check them out here!

Here’s a little info about the lovely and delightful Abby Fammartino from the Abby’s Table website!


Abby Fammartino has been a chef for as long as she can remember.  Before establishing Abby’s Table in 2009, she worked as a personal chef in Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York City.  When you think there’s nothing in the house for dinner, Abby somehow always manages to “whip up” something tasty from the pantry, and she is dedicated to helping others learn how to do the same.  Chef Abby has a passion for the nutritive and health-supportive qualities of foods, and she attended the Natural Gourmet Institute of Food and Health in Manhattan in 2004.  Among her specialties, she is able to easily craft inventive and delicious allergy-friendly cuisine that everyone loves. A world traveler, she brings inventive twists on local and seasonal ingredients to her recipes.

Portland Oregon GIG Events- August 2013


Lisa Shaver ND is a local naturopathic physician who somehow also finds the time to run Portland GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) including putting together an amazing array of guest speakers on a regular basis. These are the upcoming events for August, lifted directly from their blog.

Wed Aug 7th 
GF Eats with the Dr and the Chef with Chef Kimi Reid and guest doctor Dr. Rachel Eppinga of An Hao Natural Health Care Clinic on Mediterranean food: dolmas (rice & lamb), babaganoush, fatoush salad at National College of Natural Medicine’s Helfgott Institute (see prior posting on GIG of Portland Facebook page). Always held in Charlee’s Kitchen at the Helfgott Research Institute at 2220 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97201. Charlee Moore, wife of Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill donated the funds for this gorgeous teaching kitchen. Thanks you Charlee and Bob’s Red Mill!

Saturday Aug 10th 
GIG monthly meeting with guest speaker Tara de Alicante, Miss Oregon Plus America whose platform is Celiac disease. Samples of gluten-free Seven Grain bread, Mountain White bread, brand new Cinnamon Raisin bread and Hamburger Buns from Franz Bakery. GIG meetings are always Free! Come and hangout with the gluten-free community.

Sunday Aug 18th
Dr. Kenneth Fine MD, Gastroenterologist, national lecturer, renowned intestinal researcher, founder of Enterolab (online celiac and gluten sensitivity diagnosis laboratory) and the Intestinal Health Institute, and musician will be speaking on The Gluten Truth: What Really Happened to the Bread of Life. Dr Fine has been one of the first doctors discussing non-celiac gluten-sensitivity for years and is an innovator in the celiac and gluten-sensitivity diagnosis community. Location TBA.
Added by Dr. Samantha I’ll update location once I hear!Thu Aug 22nd
Danielle Walker of Against All Grain blog, Facebook page and cookbook, will be at Powell’s City of Books on  1005 W Burnside in downtown Portland  speaking about her new book Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well and Feel Great. Arrive early and we’ll see you there! (800) 878-7323 Free! Seating is first come first serve on the top floor of Powell’s.

Sounds like a great lineup right?!
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FDA Releases New Gluten-free Labeling Regulations

An announcement came down today from the FDA that foods labeled gluten-free, no gluten, without gluten, or free of gluten will be required to contain no more than 20 PPM (parts per million.) There are lots of GF advocates in the community who wish that they’d called it at 5PPM or 10PPM but I for one am glad so see that at least they’ve moved forward with something tangible! Here’s a short video on what this may mean for you if you are gluten-free. Feel free to post questions if you have them!
In Health,
Dr. Samantha

PS Update: I was interviewed regarding the new labeling regulations on KATU 4:00 and 11:00 news! Here is the link.

Product Review: Ruby’s Rockets Frozen Fruit and Veggie Pops

There are so many amazing local products that I’m bursting at the seams to review for you here at Gluten-free Portland. I’ve got a list and a line up and we’ve reorganized the site so you will be able to get to them all easily (check out the nav bar, above.) Still working on the back end stuff- and a new look for the site. It’s all volunteer so it’s taking a little longer than I’d like. Well, a lot longer, but please bear with us- the end result will make you very happy, I promise.

Ok, so back to the products thing. I was just going to do local products. But then I was eating an amazing cracker from Washington. And I thought well, that’s close enough. But then I got a large, very cold, and relatively heavy box from Texas. Inside a heap of dry ice and 3 boxes of Ruby’s Rockets Fruit and Vegetable Pops. (I’ll add here that until I sat down to write this post I had no idea that Popsicle is a brand, not a category of treat, go figure…)  So I decided that I’m also going to review cool new GF products- no pun intended, we’ll also review cooked products- from anywhere, they just won’t be listed under local, I mean, if we can BUY the products here they’re good for Gluten-free Portlanders.

Now, how about those Ruby’s Rockets?

Here’s what they’ve got to say on the site:

“Looking for organic ingredients?  Over 70% of our ingredients come to us from organic growers.
Ruby’s Rockets are healthy, with natural flavors and added probiotics for digestive and immune support.*
We’re the first pop of this kind to offer probiotics.
The only colors you see in our pops are the beautiful colors of the fruits and vegetables themselves:  the kiwis, spinach and avocados in Galaxy Green, the strawberries, carrots and beets in Rock-It Red, and the yams, oranges and carrots in Orbit Orange.
And check the calorie counts:
ROCK- IT RED — Only 2 grams of sugar and 25 calories!
GALAXY GREEN — Only 1 gram of sugar and 35 calories!
ORBIT ORANGE — Only grams of sugar and 25 calories!”PopsGroupShotFruitsVeggies-210x140

I hope that most parents aren’t counting calories for their kids but I get the point. Since the lovelies over at Ruby’s Rockets sent a box of each flavor I passed them out to my staff and the mail carrier, David (he’s gluten-free too.)

We all agreed the Rock-It Red was most like a typical pop in flavor (dare I say popcicle?.) Lightly sweet. Berry flavor. Karen thought it was “light and refreshing.” I didn’t taste the orange but the general consensus was that it tasted like a “frozen smoothie.” The Galaxy Green was light, less sweet, and my favorite.

When David brought our mail the next day we chatted about them a little more and we agreed the take home is that they’re very good and that kids wouldn’t know that they had veggies in them if you didn’t want them to know. I might disagree with that re: the green pop as it has a texture to it but I don’t really think that matters at all.

Since it’s a review party I gave one to my husband too. He was extremely confused about how they only have 1-2 grams of sugar per pop. Confused and excited. He liked that it was 35 calories, so I guess there is a point in touting that after all. His favorite was the Green Galaxy as well, noting it was refreshing and that it tastes like “real food.” Please note after he finished it he then wandered over to the freezer and pulled out a Rock-It Red to eat as well since “it’s only 25 calories.”

As for the little one (he’s almost 7) the Galaxy Green didn’t go over well. And I don’t think it’s because of the veggie factor. This child eats his greens hand over fist. Not quite sure what the issue was but just not his thing. After he tried it we left to walk to a neighbor’s house and he mused “they should make a red one with beets.” Funny enough, child, they did! And he got that one later in the day. Here’s what he thought about the Rock-it-Red flavor.

And he’s right, you can taste the beets in there. The sweet yummy part.

Enjoy (available at Zupans)!


Gluten-free Happy Campers in Portland

575379_538699352837935_154654221_nDo you know about Happy Campers?

No, not your average happy-go-lucky Joe, the Happy Camper, the gluten-free bread company, Happy Campers! I was first introduced to their bread last year at the GIG fair in PDX. It was great. And the guys at the table were super nice. (I’m always a fan of supporting local companies owned and run by nice humans.) In our home, Happy Campers bread is a staple. As in we buy at least a loaf a week, sometimes two. We eat it all the time not only because it’s good, but also because it is whole grain and higher in fiber than most gluten-free breads.  Then, a month ago they just went and changed up their recipes.

If you’re like me when a product you love announces a big reveal about a recipe change you worry. So when I heard, I worried. Was I going to have to find a new brand? I’ve tried everything and although there are some fabulous GF bread companies in PDX (how lucky are we?!) none of them are particularly high in fiber, which I insist on for my child who eats bread daily.

Thankfully, it turns out I had nothing to worry about.  Not only are the new loaves delicious (I got to try them all at the GIG fair,) they also have 5-6 g of fiber per slice! That’s more than in most whole wheat or sprouted grain breads. And did I say it’s good? It is. Really good. It tastes, well, like bread should. Moist but not soggy. Chewy. Hearty. Just right.


Here is their blog post about the revamped recipes.

Oh, and by the way, their entire facility is GF and this is what they have to say about their loaves:

“Yummy, healthy, allergy-friendly! There you have it, the bread of your dreams! Doesn’t matter if you’re gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sugar, rice, grain free; these scrumptious loaves will make you and anyone a happy camper! We bake them for you by hand in our dedicated gluten-free bakery in Portland, Oregon. Our quality ingredients come from NON-gmo, gluten-free sources and almost all of them are ORGANIC.”

The loaves are available all over town. I was going to list the places but there are too many, you’ll have to check over on the site (where you can also order loaves directly.)


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