Any listing with an asterisk * before the caterer name is a caterer or bakery that is 100% gluten free per information we have received from the caterer directly. These will all be at the top of our listings. Please note if the caterer does NOT update us that they are no longer 100% GF or they have misinformed us, the listing will not be accurate. If you find a discrepancy on the site please let us know! If we have a review on the site it will be linked at the bottom of the listing. This is also where you can click to read reader reviews.
Listings with address next to the caterer name are updated in the last year. Listings with photos and written description are paid premium listings- this allows us to pay our web developer and general expenses.
If there is a caterer you don't see listed here that can accommodate gluten-free pdx diners, please click here and let us know!