Weekly Round Up: Gluten-free PDX 4/26/15

gluten-free PDXPlease let me know via our contact form if you have any news or events you’d like us to consider sharing!

News  & Interest Round Up

Delayed diagnosis of Celiac disease may put lives at risk- Is Screening the Answer? From Science Daily

16th International Celiac Disease Symposium will be held in Prague June 21-24, 2015.


Bread Free Cauliflower Grilled Cheese. From the Well + Good Blog.

Creamy Pesto Pasta (DF and GF!). From Against All Grain.

High Protein Smoothie Recipe. by Yours Truly :) at DrSamantha.com.


Gluten-free Food and Allergy Fest September 26-27 by Gluten-free & More Magazine. I’ll be presenting here as well, along with a number of other local folks: Laura B Russell, Kyra Bussanich, Allison Jones and more…we’ll keep you posted as more info comes in.

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Weekly Round Up: Gluten-free PDX 4/12/15

gluten-free PDXPlease let me know via our contact form if you have any news or events you’d like us to consider sharing!

News Round Up

Groundbreaker Brewing funds kickstarter to bring us beer in cans!

Blog Post: 10 Things I Wish Restaurants Knew About Gluten Intolerance (from Huff Post)

University of CT opens campus GF Bakery (they already have a GF kitchen…whaaaat?!)

Babycakes Gluten-free and Vegan Bakery Opens at Disney World


Meat Muffins from my blog (no, really, they’re perfect to bring for lunch!)

Nettle & Herb Soup by Allison Jones of Portland Monthly’s ‘The Balance’


Gluten Free MeetUp at Szechuan Kitchen Saturday April 18th 5:3p pm. (click link to RSVP)

GIG Fair April Saturday April 25th. I’ll be speaking, so will a number of other local docs, we’ll keep you posted on deets!

Gluten-free Food and Allergy Fest September 26-27 by Gluten-free & More Magazine. I’ll be presenting here as well, along with a number of other local folks: Laura B Russell, Kyra Bussanich, Allison Jones and more…we’ll keep you posted as more info comes in.

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Weekly Round Up: Gluten-free PDX 3/29/15

gluten-free PDXOk my idea is to start posting a weekly roundup of upcoming local events, general news, and recipes. It may turn into every other week but I’m hopeful that I can get this into rotation. Let me know what you think and if there is anything you’d like to see here.

News Round Up

Best Local Nut Butters from Portland Monthly

Celiac, Which Children Should Be Tested

Can Better Biopsy Practices Diagnose More Children?

Celiac Disease is More Common than Previously Thought


Roasted Broccolini with Winey Mushrooms by Laura B Russell 

Fabulous Fish Tacos from my Blog


GIG Fair April Saturday April 25th. I’ll be speaking, so will a number of other local docs, we’ll keep you posted on deets!

Gluten-free Food and Allergy Fest September 26-27 by Gluten-free & More Magazine. I’ll be presenting here as well, along with a number of other local folks: Laura B Russell, Kyra Bussanich, Allison Jones and more…we’ll keep you posted as more info comes in.

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New from Portland Monthly: The Balance!

The Balance Portland Monthly PDX

When Allison Jones (see bio at end of post) told me that she was starting a new health blog for Portland Monthly I offered right away to feature it, and her, on GFP. She’s gluten-free herself and has been the editor of PoMo’s Eat Beat for years. She knows this city’s GF scene inside and out. What she has to say is worth listening to. You can sign up for The Balance to be delivered directly to your inbox here!

What is The Balance?

The Balance is PoMo’s new health blog where I’ll be sharing health trends, monthly wellness event calendars, health tips from local fitness pros, the best healthy restaurant deals in PDX, workout ideas and gym spotlights, and plenty of contests and gear giveaways to keep my readers plugged in to the world of wellness. It’s the first resource of its kind in Portland—a PDX-centric look at all things healthy—and I’m so excited.

What’s your personal health journey?Portland Monthly Health

I was born with hip dysplasia, a genetic disease that keeps me from a lot of my favorite activities like running and sports, but I’m definitely an athlete at heart. I’m very passionate about finding workouts that fit my body’s capabilities, which has lead me to a passion for yoga, hiking, and swimming. I’m always looking for new ways to move—I currently have a crush on gyrokinesis classes and stand-up paddleboarding.

On the food side of things, I discovered a few years ago that giving up gluten, dairy, and processed foods made the arthritis in my hip so much better, soI went Paleo and never looked back! I’m presently in training to become a yoga teacher and would love to help other folks with physical limitations find a method of movement that fires them up! The Balance feels like a great way to reach out to people who are already passionate about fitness and health and those who think it might not be for them. Trust me—and my creaky hips—this stuff is for everybody!

What can we expect from The Balance?

Everything from the best gluten-free brunches in Portland to new zip-line parks, bike-centric physical therapy, cool athletic shoe and sports bra innovations from Portland companies, healthy recipes from chefs and cookbook authors, gym deals, practical yoga poses for everything from hangovers to lower back pain, fitness- themed board games for kids, and insider tips from health experts specializing in fertility, weight loss, acupuncture, running, and more. I’m always looking for new ideas, so feel free to shoot me an email at ajones@pdxmonthly.com with any health events, requests, and questions for our own house ND, Dr. Samantha of Gluten Free Portland!


bio-photo-balanceAllison Jones is a health nut with a passion for yoga, farmers markets, oddball workouts with sledgehammers, spa days, and gluten-free cupcakes. For the past 6+ years, she’s been a voice in Portland’s food and wine scene as the editor of Portland Monthly’s Eat Beat blog, contributor to food cover stories, and chief blind taster of the annual 50 Best Oregon Wines issue. Now, she’s shifting gears and tackling PDX- specific health coverage as the editor of the magazine’s new health blog and newsletter The Balance. (Sign up for free, twice-a-month updates from The Balance here!)


Celebrate the New Year with a festive Italian inspired feast! Menu features dishes inspired by Chef Abby’s recent trip to Bologna, Italy. Chef Abby used to run Abby’s Kitchen in PDX. All gluten-free and amazing. So many of us in the community were heartbroken to see her close the space but alas she is making a big splash with her cookbooks and pop-up dinners. One is coming up on Jan 17th.
enjoyyourfoodimage (1)The event will be held January 17th at Opal 28.
510 Northeast 28th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232

Purchase tickets for $60 online at http://www.abbys-table.com/dinner-calendar/ While enjoying good company and sipping on wines from Italy and the Northwest, Chef Abby will be serving up a delicious multi-course Italian feast featuring locally grown produce. The meal will end with dessert and a talk from Chef Abby about the food! Menu is naturally gluten, dairy and soy free with omnivore and vegetarian options


  • Almond Flatbread with Wild Mushroom Caponata, Spinach, Soft “Ricotta”

First Course

  • Pumpkin Gnocchi with Mint
In Light Broth

Main Course

  • Rosemary Poached Halibut over Roasted Root Vegetables, Crispy Shallots
  • Veg: Rosemary and White Bean Stuffed Peppers with Roasted Root Vegetables, Crispy
  • With: 
Arugula, Brussel Sprout and Winter Radish Salad, White Balsamic Vinaigrette,
  • Sicilian Sea Salt


  • Torta de Riso, Amaretto Caramel, Coconut Whip
(Bolognese flourless rice cake)

About Abby’s Table

Abby’s Table hosts pop up dinners and catering events that feature local produce in beautifully themed seasonally inspired meals.  Menus are always 100% gluten, dairy and soy free, with an omnivore and vegan option to please any palate.  Abby’s Table offers private hands-on cooking classes, featuring original recipes and Abby’s favorite cooking techniques. Also check out Abby’s blog for food lifestyle tips, recipes and to track her cookbook writing adventures!

Gluten-free Expo in Portland! Sept 6th-7th.



Gluten-free & More Magazine (previously Living Without) is hosting a line up of fabulous speakers (shameless self promotion below) and vendors both national and local. I went to their event in San Diego and we had a blast!

Where: Holiday Inn Portland Airport Hotel 8439 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR 97220
When: September 6-7, 2014 10am-4pm
Get tickets HERE
Use code DrS15 for a 15% discount through Sept 5th

In anticipation of the event the magazine had me write a travel piece on things to do in PDX and where to eat if you’re gluten-free. In celebration of the upcoming expo they’re allowing access to the article even if you’re not a current subscriber. You can find it here.

If you have a business and you’d like to have access to the gluten-free food crowd, I’ve been told there are still a few spaces available as of the time I’m hitting ‘publish’ on this post. Contact Shelia (pronounced Shel-E-uh) at scafferty@gffafest.com. They are particularly interested in getting a few more more local vendors at this point so make sure they know I sent you!

Below is my speaking schedule. Also on the docket are Tom O’Bryan who organized and curated The Gluten Summit earlier this year, Nadine Grzeskowiak, the Gluten-free RN, Alicia Woodward, editor of Gluten-free & More and our own local culinary stars Laura B Russell, Kyra Bussanich, and more!

Dr Samantha Brody
Saturday Sept 6th, 12:25-1:25IMG_5085

Are you gluten-free or considering going gluten-free? Dr. Samantha will clear up all of your confusion and questions about the basics of gluten-spectrum disorders and gluten-free diets. There is so much information and misinformation out there about testing, what you can and can’t eat, the differences between celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, the impact of gluten on our bodies, laws about gluten labeling, and more. Dr. Samantha leaves no stone unturned and you’ll head out feeling relieved to fully understand the ins and outs of gluten-free living. Attendees will also get a link for a complementary copy of her soon to be published eBook- Gluten-free Essentials: What You Need to Know About Your Gluten-Free Life.


Dr Samantha Brody
Sunday Sept 7th, 12:25-1:25

In this session, Dr Samantha will explore the reasons you may still feel tired even on a gluten-free diet. From medical conditions to the foods you’re choosing, there is always a reason. Dr Samantha will expertly guide you in assessing which things you do and don’t have control over that may be making you tired, and teach you how to address them so you feel the best you possibly can every single day.

Come for one talk or come for them all, eat a few samples or stuff yourself to the brim. It’s bound to be a fun, entertaining, educational and delicious weekend. See you there!

Yours in Health,

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New Gluten-Free Magazine: Wild Apple (spoiler, it’s gorgeous!)

wild apple gluten free portlandI was perusing one of my favorite eye candy blogs http://www.cannellevanille.com/ and saw a post about a kickstarter for a new gluten-free magazine. And not just any gluten-free magazine, but a foodie gluten-free magazine. And not only a foodie gluten-free magazine but a foodie gluten-free magazine with stunning photography. I was smitten.

Of course, when I’m smitten, I reach out. Tara Donne, photographer extraordinaire responded immediately and agreed to a quick interview.

Please go support their kickstarter,

every little bit counts. 


Food stylist Liza Jernow and photographer Tara Donne are creating a beautiful bi-annual gluten-free print magazine called Wild Apple. Before becoming a photographer, Tara Donne spent 5 years as a photo editor, producing shoots for national magazines. Liza Jernow spent years in the test kitchen at Martha Stewart prior to launching a food styling career and working with international advertising and magazine clients.wild apple tara donne


Why Wild Apple now?

We love food.  We are eaters whole love making food and taking photos of it!  We have over thirteen years of gluten-free living under our belts.  There’s so much we can eat!  There is so much that is delicious and naturally gluten-free!  Our recipes will unfold through the seasons, focusing on what is natural and available.


How is this magazine different than others on the newsstand (gluten-free and not)?

Our magazine will redefine gluten-free living.  We think it’s easy to focus your attention on lack when you have an eating restriction, but we train our eye on what is seasonal and natural with a sense of positivity and adventure.  Our readers are people whose lives revolve around what they’re going to eat next, whether it is at home or while traveling. Our magazine will be a reference for you to hold on to and use over and over again. We will share love letters to friendly grains, snacks and treats as well as dinner party menus with recipes that can be used for weeknight meals.  The magazine will contain well tested recipes and gorgeous, indulgent and useful food.  We will also share profiles on interesting creative people, and gluten – free beauty products.  Finally a positive GF magazine- get ready to cook and eat everything in it!

gluten-free portland tara donneWhat else do you want us to know?

We want you to know about our Kickstarter!  We have so many great rewards, like a recipe from your own days of gluten, translated to be gluten free! The kickstarter ends Saturday morning, so it’s CRITICAL that people support it right away!






Abby’s Table is Closing. Here’s What’s Next!

Abby's tableI recently heard that Abby’s Table is closing and I was so curious about what our lovely Abby Fammartino is going to be up to next that I contacted her to find out. Read on to get the inside scoop!


Dr. Samantha: When is Abby’s Table closing and what do you have going on between now and then that our readers might be interested in?


Abby: We are closing our current kitchen, at 609 SE Ankeny Street, on September 30th (very soon!) From now until then we have a handful of weekly dinners held each Wednesday and Thursday night at 7pm, one cooking class on Saturday the 21st at 11am (South Indian Cooking), a flamenco show and dinner on Friday the 20th, in which I will both be cooking AND dancing, and a few private catering events. In short, we will be cooking our way through the very last days in this space!


Dr. Samantha: Why did you decide to close the kitchen?


Abby: I have been operating from this location for 5 years, and hosting dinner events, catering and classes here for nearly all that time. When I initially moved in, it was to produce our fresh sauce line, which was distributed to stores across Portland and in Seattle, from 2008-2011. I stopped the sauce production to focus on the mission: to inspire eaters of all kinds to participate in a healthy food culture through our weekly dinners and classes. Now, to further focus on my mission, I will be closing the commercial space to work on cookbook and to teach more! In order to really see change happen on a larger scale, I realized that I needed to get more connected to real people and the real life issues they face that prevent them from cooking more and enjoying delicious food on a regular basis, in their home with loved ones (rather than just at a restaurant!) To me, my main goal is to inspire a healthy food culture in America, and to do that by creating social, real life opportunities that bring people together over fresh, seasonal food. People with restricted diets (gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, etc) should have the opportunity to eat socially, and have the resources they need to learn to make really tasty food with all fresh ingredients. I teach an old style way of embracing the seasons, relishing in flavor, and sharing food with others. This is a part of a healthy life: food culture.
Dr. Samantha: Where can we find you after the kitchen closes? What will you be up to?


Abby: I will be teaching some public classes and I will be continuing to cater parties of all kinds, and will be cooking for these catering events at Taborspace on SE Belmont, a great non-profit and church space with lots of health practitioners onsite.


My main project after October will be my cookbook project: I was presented with the opportunity this spring to write a cookbook for a national audience. Rather than write about the commercial kitchen and the food I cook here with my staff, I wanted to write a cookbook that focuses on helping the home cook make the same food we do, for weeknight dinners and dinner parties alike. This next year I will cooking in the homes of about 60 people who are interested in hosting a hands on “cooking party,” in which I will be cooking in their home with them, so they can host their friends and family to a meal just like at Abby’s Table (except it will be their table!) In some cases I will cook with the host and their friends, and others just the host (depending on their preference). I have nearly all the spots full already! The accumulated experiences, menus and information learned from what it’s like to cook with all types of eaters in their homes will be the basis for the cookbook project. In a way, this is my attempt to start documenting a movement of people who are wanting to learn how to make a healthful, gluten free life sustainable and most importantly, fun and social!


Dr. Samantha: Do you think you’ll reopen again down the pike?


Abby: I never set out to be a restaurant. Rather, I wanted to help create a spark of interest around a healthy food culture in Portland and across America, in order to inspire change. I think a mobile set up is better suited to my mission. Though I am not ruling out finding a beautiful location down the line where I can host some events and teach classes (maybe in wine country!)


Here is the link to Abby’s reservation page for her current events. Facebook, her NEW BLOG and email list are the best way to stay connected to upcoming things after September! So go get on that list!

Abby’s Table is Closing

I can’t believe I missed this news but Abby is closing the kitchen at the end of the month to focus on some other projects. I’ll be interviewing her for the site in the next few weeks so she can share the scoop! In the meantime she’s got a few more dinners between now and the end of September. Check them out here!

Here’s a little info about the lovely and delightful Abby Fammartino from the Abby’s Table website!


Abby Fammartino has been a chef for as long as she can remember.  Before establishing Abby’s Table in 2009, she worked as a personal chef in Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York City.  When you think there’s nothing in the house for dinner, Abby somehow always manages to “whip up” something tasty from the pantry, and she is dedicated to helping others learn how to do the same.  Chef Abby has a passion for the nutritive and health-supportive qualities of foods, and she attended the Natural Gourmet Institute of Food and Health in Manhattan in 2004.  Among her specialties, she is able to easily craft inventive and delicious allergy-friendly cuisine that everyone loves. A world traveler, she brings inventive twists on local and seasonal ingredients to her recipes.

FDA Releases New Gluten-free Labeling Regulations

An announcement came down today from the FDA that foods labeled gluten-free, no gluten, without gluten, or free of gluten will be required to contain no more than 20 PPM (parts per million.) There are lots of GF advocates in the community who wish that they’d called it at 5PPM or 10PPM but I for one am glad so see that at least they’ve moved forward with something tangible! Here’s a short video on what this may mean for you if you are gluten-free. Feel free to post questions if you have them!
In Health,
Dr. Samantha

PS Update: I was interviewed regarding the new labeling regulations on KATU 4:00 and 11:00 news! Here is the link.