I decided that the subject of breads is so pivotal to the gluten-free person that it needed its own informational page.

Here is a list of gluten-free breads I like:

Trader Joes Brown Rice Bread

Pretty short list huh? That’s the sad fact. I’m going to say that if you’re celiac or gluten-intolerant, or even gluten-unfriendly, the best thing to do is get yourself a bread making machine.

Bread making machines

Things to look for in a bread maker: Make sure that whatever bread maker you get can be programmed. Many gluten-free bread recipes recommend you don’t knead them as much as regular beads, so its best to be able to program some of the kneading out. Our talented and good-looking head of research Sienna has put together a bread machine information page.

Bread Recipes

An excellent bread recipe on the internet: Gluten free multi-grain bread. We tried this one and really liked it. It is one of those sorts of unobtrusive breads that is great for making sandwiches. One of the changes we made to it that we like was to replace some of the water with whey.

Bread Reviews

Basic Millet Bread
Sesame Bean Bread

Well that’s a good start. Look here for more bread info as I assemble it.

Last edited January 29, 2009