Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy as of July 2009

We love it when gluten-free restaurant owners, publishers, and manufacturers contact us. We also rely on our readership and as such need to maintain credibility with our readers. We believe that it is in our best interests to be ethical in our dealings with everyone. Here’s the deal:

We Pay For Our Meals. Although we welcome contact from restaurant owners, we feel that it is traditional for restaurant reviewers to show up unannounced and incognito. As such, we pay for all our meals. If we find that a restaurant is somehow notified of our visit, we will make note of it in our review.

We Sometimes Get Free Stuff. As of July 2009, we will notify readers in the text if a product or book we are reviewing was sent to us by a manufacturer or publisher to review. If you send us a book or product to review, we promise to give it a thoughtful review. We don’t always give positive reviews. However, I have found that since there are two of us, we give everyone a much more fair-handed review than most other sites. We do promise to be constructive when reviewing items. If you take a look at some of our reviews it will give you an idea.

We Advertise On Our Site: Whether it be links to Amazon, ads that Google chooses to display on our site, or affiliates that we choose, we do find ourselves advertising products that we review. We do not let this sway our opinions. For example, a book that we gave a rather lukewarm review is one of the best sellers off our site. We find that we don’t always know what’s going to happen, so we opt for honesty.

Advertising We Don’t Do: We do not sell in-text advertising, and do not write paid endorsements.