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263236_473485096065144_1390183427_nMy name is Dr. Samantha Brody, and I’ve been passed the torch of GFP by Dave Benz who started the site several years ago. His info is below if you want to read about our humble roots!

GFP is here for youWe have listings, reviews, ideas, and resources for those who don’t eat gluten because of medical reasons, general health reasons, or just by choice. We are in the process of making some format changes that will make sure that each restaurant listed specifies whether or not they can accommodate  diners who cannot risk cross-contamination.

Beginning in May of 2013 we will be opening back up for guest posts that are pertinent to the gluten-free community in Portland, OR. Please check out our Guest Posting Guidelines if you’d like us to consider a piece.

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About our Founder.

Hi. My name is Dave Benz. This blog was started because although it seems like there are a lot of places to find information on things to eat when you’re celiac or gluten intolerant, there’s no way to know whether or not any of it is good. And believe me, there are some bad gluten-free products out there. Also I think there are a lot of cases where a person can make adjustments or do certain things to make gluten-free life much more livable.

We (meaning my partner Sienna and I) live in Portland Oregon and are passionate about food. I lived in San Francisco for fifteen years and while I was there became something of a food snob. I also love to write, and realized recently that it would be interesting to start this blog.

We hope you enjoy it.