1. says

    Thanks for the glowing review, Maggie!

    We sold out on our first market day with gluten-free crepes–well, the last crepe going to a curious family member!

    We’ll have a fresh batch of g-f crepes Wednesday evening at the Tanasbourne market by Whole Foods, 4-7:30pm.

  2. Christy says

    Hot Lips Pizza does have gluten free pizza, but I don’t think their employees understand the contamination issue. I went into the store on NE 33rd and NE Killingsworth and ordered a gluten free pizza. The employee proceeded to use contaminated utensils to place the pizza directly into the oven, not even on a pan. I tried to explain to the employee how the pizza was no longer gluten free and how the pizza had been contaminated, and all I received was blank stares. The employee was nice enough to give me another gluten free pizza, uncooked, to bake at home. So just be careful :)

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