More News: Good News and Bad News

Sorry for the lack of reviews this week. I caught the cold that’s been making the rounds of Portland, and have been recovering. We’ve got a backlog of products and restaurants to post and I’ll get those out soon. I’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Bad News: Restaurant Closings

Over the weekend we decided to go get some delicious gluten-free pizza at Virgo and Pisces, and discovered that they have closed their doors. We had mentioned in our review that they seemed kind of empty the times we visited, so it looks like our fears were justified. I don’t know how much most people pay attention to restaurant closings, but there have been quite a few in the Pearl area in the past few weeks. Speaking of the Pearl, the Pearl branch of Blossoming Lotus closed. They still have a restaurant at 1713 NE 15th St. next door to Pete’s Coffee.

Good News: Restaurant List

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it lately, but our restaurant list is always growing. If you haven’t looked at it recently, you should check it out. Thanks to all the readers and restaurant owners who have contacted us with listings!

Maybe News: Amazon Sale on Bread Machines

I don’t know if this is really justified as news, but I’m always interested in bread machines. So I thought that I would pass it on that Amazon has announced discounts on bread makers. Among the sale items on their list are ones we have listed on our gluten free bread machine page. So they have: The Breadman TR875, which has a gluten-free setting. The Zojirushi BBCCX20, which doesn’t have a gluten-free setting, but is fully programmable (see our review here) and is dual-paddle. The West Bend 41300 Hi-Rise, which like the Zojirushi is programmable and dual-paddle. There are others, but those are probably the best three for being fully programmable or having a gluten-free setting. We’ve had both a Breadman and a Zojirushi and can vouch that they’re both excellent.

We Want to Know

Do you have any restaurants or cafes to add to our list? Let us know at the email address on the top right. Also, if you have any bread machine experiences or recommendations, let us know in the comments.

In the interest of full disclosure: Zojirushi sent us a breadmaker to test (and we like it!). See our disclosure policy here.


  1. Kelly Caldwell says

    Gluten Free Pizza List: You need to add Rudy’s Pizza on Powell Blvd. to your list. They are affordable & pretty yummy! (Cross street might be SE 47th?).

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