Gluten-Free Cooking Classes at Hipcooks

hip-cooks-portland-home_219x200Hipcooks Portland has just published their course list for March and there are three gluten-free classes. Hipcooks teaches cooking at two branches in Los Angeles, California, and one in Portland Oregon. Their classes are reasonably priced and 3 hours long. Hipcooks is located at 3808 N Williams in N Portland. Check here for the current Hipcooks Class List. Here’s what their intro page says.

Hipcooks offers completely hands-on cooking classes to the novice and the seasoned cook in a relaxed setting. We ban measurements and encourage tasting to tease out your inner chef. And then the best part- each class ends as a dinner party where everyone enjoys the fruits of their labor.

Below are just a few of the gluten-free classes available, along with their descriptions. (Please note: this post is dated March of 2009, so class menus may have changed. Check their website for current menus.) While we’re on the subject of gluten-free cooking classes, does anybody else know about some other resources like this in Portland? Let us know!

Healthy, fresh and zingy
Just like you, right? Here I offer two variations on healthy food for everyday eating. These dishes are so scrumptious and fresh that you and your friends won’t notice you’re being health conscious!

Yin-yang roast red and yellow pepper soup with a pesto twist
Seared sesame seed crusted ahi tuna (yummy sesame-crusted marinated tofu can be substituted for vegetarians if you let me know)
Mango-ginger salsa
Mini ginger and almond ice cream sandwiches with mint.
Featured drink: Bubbly Water
just kidding, Sauvignon Blanc!

Persian Immersion
I am most excited to offer an exotic class on Iranian food, hurrah! Think Sherezade, 1001 Arabian nights, gorgeous and sexy dishes fragrant with sweet and sour flavors to delight your friends.

Two main chicken dishes will be the highlight:

Shirin Pollow, a saffron rice jeweled with almonds, pistachio, orange peel and barberries. Traditionally served at weddings, this is a wonderful, celebratory dish. Let’s prepare this so that the Tadik, the crispy layer of rice on the bottom, is flipped to the top.

Khoresht-e-fesenjan is another of my favorites. This is chicken slow-cooked in a walnut and pomegranate sauce. Ah, delight!

Other menus items:
Maast-o Khiar
Persian meatballs
and rosewater-cardamom ice cream for dessert!

This class is hard to pair with wine – but we’ll have a lovely Shiraz, of course. Feel free to bring something fun to share!

Hot Soup Focus Group
Oh yes, it is cold outside! Learn how to make healthy, gorgeous and oh-so satisfying soup for your soul. This is one of my most intense knife-skills classes, where we really get chopping!

Warming Carrot & ginger soup
Roasted butternut squash soup with garlic and sage
Lemony Watercress soup with creme fraiche
Sexy Moroccan lentil soup with cinnamon
Mushroom, sherry & thyme soup
Potato & leek soup
Corn, sundried tomato & tarragon chowder.

And a nice chardonnay to drink, AFTER we finish all that chopping



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